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Our Vision and Aims

ActivatingCIC are a dynamic not-for-profit social enterprise committed to creating positive community outcomes, transforming physical activity levels and driving grassroots sports participation through a unique and innovative range of cycling products.

We aim to be the regional cycling experts skilled in transforming participation levels, passionate about delivering a polished professional service and determined to create positive community outcomes.

Cycling is the vehicle and not just the outcome in its own right - although we love to see more people on their bikes! Our unique range of challenging, engaging and innovative products are designed to illustrate how hard work, effort and focus will transform self-esteem, confidence and personal performance. By highlighting this crucial link, we create enduring project outcomes, in addition to helping local communities become physically active, cohesive and directly supporting the development of grassroots sports participation.

Although cycling is often considered dangerous and there are constant campaigns for improved cycling safety, we stand boldly alone by ruthlessly focussing on the benefits that an active lifestyle through cycling will bring. The facts show that motorists and pedestrians suffer 11 times more accidents and injuries each year than cyclists and while between 85-90% of Norfolk's adults are clinically defined as sedentary or obese (one of the highest in the UK) we should have every reason to relish the amazing benefits an active lifestyle can bring through cycling and make the most of Norfolk’s ideal cycling terrain.

The Great Yarmouth Bike Project

The Great Yarmouth Bike Project

Year 1 highlights and plans

In our first year, ActivavtingCIC has transformed the number of school children riding their bikes to school, helped inactive adults get back on their bikes, brought curriculum cycle sport to over 30 Norfolk schools and have serviced and repaired over 800 bikes free-of-charge to help families get back on their bikes.

We have focussed on fully funded projects which are free to participants with bikes and helmets provided to ensure all projects are inclusive to the widest cross-section of the community.

Our growing customer base includes Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council, Breckland District Council, Broadland District Council and East Coast Community Healthcare. In 2012 we also established a ground breaking community outreach project for local cycle retailer Pedal Revolution.

In the autumn of 2012, we will have the infrastructure and resources to launch a growing range of products to embrace the growing interest in cycling including:

  • Norfolk Cycling Academy: traffic-free road cycling venue with confidence, coaching and racing sessions specifically aimed at new, young and lady riders;
  • Rolladrome: the closest you will ever get to sprinting in the Olympic velodrome without leaving the Rolladrome stage - perfect for corporate, sports or social events;
  • Total-Trax: a portable indoor/outdoor mountain bike skills circuit - just think life-size Scalextric track for mountain bikes;
  • A challenging programme of tandem riding for Norfolk’s visually impaired community in partnership with NNAB;
  • Project BoB: transforming the number of children riding their bikes to school enters its second year in Great Yarmouth.

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